01 May 2009

3Di OpenViewer Feature Focus: Login

3Di OpenViewer provides a number of ways to connect to a grid, let’s look at those in a little more detail.


Manual login is the normal way, that everyone using SecondLife is already used to. This mode will show a login box right within the application and will allow you to specify the login URI, the first and last name and password. You can set the default values with additional params as well.

<param name="LoginMode" value="manual" /> <!-- Optional-->
  <param name="ServerURI" value="" />
  <param name="FirstName" value="first" />
  <param name="LastName" value="last" />
  <param name="Password" value="password" />

3Di OpenViewer manual login


Click login is great if you want to specify all the information for  the login and not allow the user to change it in any way (for example dynamically creating the login page based on already existing session information). In this case, the user can only see an empty screen with no login box; when they click on this screen, login starts automatically.

Of course in click mode, you will have to specify all the login information like above and possibly provide explanation somewhere on your site.

<param name="LoginMode" value="click" />

3Di OpenViewer click login


Users can also use a JavaScript function to log in. Sometimes, it is better not to allow users to specify any information, but at the same time, login information can dynamically change at any time. In this case, you can set the login mode to hide, which will not show the login box, but also not allow login from within the application. Rather, it only allows external JavaScript logins.

<param name="LoginMode" value="hide" />

To log in from JavaScript, use the following function:

openviewerCtl.Login(firstname, lastname, password, server_uri, login_location);

For the JavaScript login method, it is also possible to specify the exact location to log in to. The format is

// " uri:regionname&x&y&z"